Saturday, April 24, 2010


Danny Jacomino e Ibetti Larralde.

María Isabel Díaz y Jorge Luis Álvarez

Directed By: Magdiel Aspillaga
Screenplay By: Magdiel Aspillaga
Produced By: Danny Jacomino

A woman besieged by strange visions during an eerie stormy night; a scriptwriter tormented by a traumatic past and a constant unnerving tooth ache who, after encountering a sensual woman, finds himself involved in an obscure story loaded with paranoia and tension; a married couple that is going through a separation and decide to sell their most prized possession: their bed; an actor that dubs pornography while grieving the loss of his only son; a pregnant woman rejected by her lover who wanders into a dangerous neighborhood; all these strangers share a deep sense of loneliness that mysteriously links their lives in a converging chain of events.

Neuralgia el film de los talentosos cineastas Magdiel Aspillaga y Danny Jacomino se estrenará en el "Gusman Center, el 13 de Mayo a las 7:00 pm ", la entrada es libre. Para saber más sobre la película vaya el enlace de:

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